Pergola patio covers are an excellent addition to any garden or landscape; they draw the eye upward and add visual interest to the surroundings. Pergola patio covers also provide an excellent support structure for climbing plants. When flowering vines are added, your garden literally climbs to new heights. As a homeowner, you will find that there are as many unique pergola patio cover designs as there are ideas. Combining imagination and creativity will ensure that the addition of a pergola patio cover will truly compliment the style of your home and add pizzazz to your landscape. A well-planned pergola patio cover can add usable outdoor living space to a lackluster backyard, garden, or patio. Below are five ways a pergola patio cover can enhance your home’s exterior:

Accent your garden
A pergola patio cover is composed of a series of columns that support open crossbeams, creating the perfect environment for climbing plants and vines. It can also be customized with a trellis, wire-work, or beautiful lattice, allowing you to create a lush vine or flower-covered garden structure. Trumpet vines, grapevines, and several varieties of roses often work well with pergola patio covers. Clematis is another popular choice; it can grow up through the sides as well as over the top, providing lovely splashes of color, along with additional shade.

Define an outdoor living room
Nothing delineates an outdoor living room quite like a pergola patio cover. Of course it provides an open cover, but it also instantly adds a welcoming atmosphere and a European-style charm to your outdoor dining room, cocktail destination, or family hangout. Pergola patio covers are also a convenient place to hang holiday lights, party decorations, stereo speakers, or other personal decor elements.

Add romance to your home
Pergola patio covers make a lovely place for a marriage proposal, adding the feel of old world romance to such a special occasion. This Renaissance style garden feature adds a touch of enchantment to any landscape. Adding a bench beneath a freestanding pergola creates a private and romantic nook for gazing at the sunset or stars. Planters filled with roses, lilies, or other favorite flowers can add extra charm and beauty.

Make some shade
A lattice pergola patio cover provides partial shade, filtering some of the harsh glare of the sun while still allowing enough sunlight to reach plants underneath. It is easy to increase the amount of shade by adding more climbing plants across the top or even dressing up the sides with sheer curtains. With a bit of experimentation, you can create just the right combination of shade and sunlight to make your pergola patio cover the perfect outdoor living space for you.

Connect sections of your yard
While most pergola patio covers have four columns for a room-like structure, you can add columns to create an extended covered walkway. Hung with wisteria and other climbing flowers, a pergola patio cover can become a nice location for a relaxing stroll. Homeowners often use a pergola patio cover to connect the back door with another building or the garden; some homeowners even combine their pergola patio cover with an archway arbor to frame a gate.

The possibilities aren’t limited to these five ideas. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a pergola patio cover, so these ideas are just a few starting point suggestions. Your imagination and creativity will ensure that the structure you design or choose reflects your personal tastes and compliments the overall style of your home. A really unique and interesting pergola patio cover does more than just provide some shade or a place to sit; it will enhance your overall landscaping plan and certainly improve your home’s curb appeal.

The versatility of pergola patio covers makes them a highly desirable landscaping element that adds both beauty and value to a home. If you live in the Houston area and you’re considering a pergola patio cover, call Patio Cover Solutions today. Our professional staff is available to answer your questions, give suggestions, and help you design a pergola patio cover that you can enjoy for many years to come. Our professional team will meet your construction expectations as they build your pergola patio cover, providing great customer service throughout the process. Call for a free in-home estimate today at (281) 351-2292.

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